Creative Earring Card Ideas

by Rena Klingenberg.

For creative earring card ideas, look at standard earring cards – and then think of ways to give some of the features a unique twist. For example, you might try a unique shape or color.

Earring cards courtesy of
Jewelry Display Importers

Or turn an ordinary, everyday object into a unique earring hanger:

Why not use something ordinary
like manila tags for your earrings?
You can even decorate them any way you like.

Also check paper-crafting, altered-art, and scrapbooking magazines, websites, and shops for materials and ideas you could adapt for your purposes.

A few things to keep in mind as you brainstorm your earring card ideas:

  • Make sure that whatever you come up with will fit inside your intended jewelry packaging (pouches, jewelry gift boxes, etc.). I once designed jewelry tags that were just a tiny bit too big to fit inside my jewelry packaging – but didn’t discover that fact until I’d printed and cut apart about 100 of them! Duh.
  • Design your cards to allow for putting your business name, website URL, and earring “ingredients” somewhere on them.
  • Be sure your earrings show up against the cards – an intensely printed, textured or colored background may distract customers’ eyes away from the jewelry mounted on the card.
  • As always, acid-free paper is best for all jewelry packaging to help prevent tarnish.
  • If you’ll be hanging your earring cards on some sort of rack, spinner, or display, be sure to leave a space for sticking a self-adhesive hanger (available via Rings & Things and Rio Grande Jewelry Supply) on the back of your cards.

Make sure earrings of all shapes, sizes, and colors
show up nicely against your earring cards.

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