Earring Cards for Smaller Earrings – 2 x 2

by Rena Klingenberg.

earring cards displayed in jewelry tray

These earring cards measure 2 x 2 inches, and fit perfectly into this flocked jewelry tray insert from my display. The front of my cards have my jewelry business name, type of metal, and other components used in the earrings.

On the front I also place a small, removable price sticker. I peel it off when I package the jewelry for sale.

The back of my cards has my name, contact info, and website URL.


Great Idea
by: Anonymous

Awesome idea…thanks for sharing!

Earring Cards
by: cjhuggs

For those who are outdoors, consider using clear packaging tape to cover the cards to make them more resistant to moisture.

Great Waterproofing Idea
by: Rena

Excellent idea, CJ!

One humid / foggy / drizzly outdoor show can trash every card in your display.

I also like this for making cards easier to wipe clean after a dusty outdoor show.

Thanks so much for this tip!

Weatherproofing cards
by: Anonymous

Cold press lamination is a great way to protect and make very long lasting earring vards or any dispaly cards.

Great Idea
by: Carol L.

This is fantastic, fast, easy, inexpensive and good looking! I have a huge show this weekend and am going to use this display idea. I wish I had more of the trays!
Thank you very much

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