Earring Card, Greeting Card, and Gift – All in One

by Joanne Jordan.
(AJ Roses Gift / Card)

Handmade Greeting Card with Gift Earrings Attached

This earring card / greeting card is a great gift idea for friends and family to show thanks and appreciation. It can be made for all occasions.

Inspired by my nine-year-old daughter’s artwork and my love of making jewelry, together we came up with AJ Roses Gift / Card to send for Christmas, birthdays, shower party favors, Thanksgiving, friendship, teacher gifts, etc.

Card comes with pair of earrings and can be mailed in bubble envelopes to prevent breakage.

Our customers receive the card, a pair of earrings, and an envelope.

They can also be addressed to Mother, Sister, Daughter, Grandmother, Sister-in-law, Aunt, Godmother, Wife, Friend, etc. Any card can be made for any occasion and addressed to a specific person.

When ordering online, we request that our customers go to our “Contact Us” form and enter the specific occasion (for example Christmas for Mother, or Birthday for Sister, etc.) when this earring gift card will be given.

Joanne Jordan
AJ Roses Gift / Card


I love these!
by: Rena

What a wonderful gift idea, Joanne – and a really cool designer earring card.

I also like your great ideas for personalizing the cards for your customers.

I hope you and your artistic daughter do really well with these.

Thank you so much for sharing them here with us!

How adorable are these!
by: Anonymous

Sooooo cute and charming.

Love to see a project like this with mom and daughter working together.

by: Jean

Love that idea- it is so original and creative.

Fantastic Idea!!
by: Debbie

I really love your idea of using a greeting card as part of the gift. So very clever and it adds a nice and warm touch that other retailers cannot even come close to matching.

Your daughter is quite a talented artist, too.

Thank you for sharing.

by: Linda Aliogo

This is so cool. Really like the idea. My son is really gifted in drawing, I think this would be fun for both of us!.

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