Unique Jewelry Display

by Ryann.
(Chester County, Pa)

I wasn’t really looking or in need of anything new for my display when I found these 2 pieces practically on my doorstep.

There is a card shop across the street from my house that also sells yard sale/antique market items on their sidewalk. One Saturday I was walking by to grab a bite to eat when I saw two beat up wooden items sitting out front of the shop.

One was an old hand built drawer with slats all along, and the other was some sort of tray. I have no idea what they originally were exactly, but now they are two of my focal points in my display.

I originally bought them without a plan, I just knew they were $15 altogether and that I had to have them.

They were laying down flat so I initially just pictured them being used like a tray and draping necklaces across them. Which would have been fine.

However, when I took them home and stared at them for awhile I decided to prop them up.

Now I use the one as a shelf for my cuff bracelets and the other as a beautiful wooden backdrop for my jewelry when taking pictures and for my display table.

I cleaned them up a bit and added a coat of stain to blend any major stains or discoloration that may have been distracting from the jewelry.

Just goes to show that you never know when you will find something. Keep your eyes open and try to experiment with how you can use an item.

(Also see Ryann’s lovely, rustic Natural Necklace Display.)

My whole table is just stuff I came across and I love my display!

Designs By Ryann
Designs By Ryann on Etsy


Great eye!
by: SimplyCreations

Wow… You really do know how to find the most unique pieces!!

Would love to see more of your displays, but cannot ~ The Etsy link provided above is incorrect ;0(

I fixed the link
by: Rena

SimplyCreations, thanks for letting me know! I’ve just fixed the link to Ryann’s Etsy shop.

Ryann, I love the rustic look of your displays, and your inventive eye for using these two “new” wooden pieces! Turning the divided drawer into a shelf unit – genius! Love how the cuffs display on it.

Thanks so much for sharing your cool, unique jewelry displays with us!

unique displays
by: Anonymous

Beautiful. I use old printer type drawers for my earring display. People love them. I recently found a skinny door (about 2 feet wide) for free after it didn’t sell at a garage sale. I scraped off the paint, put on a layer of encaustic, and a bunch of nails, and now hang necklaces off it. It’s easy to carry since it is so skinny and has a handle.

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  • Ryann says:

    Thank you so much ladies for your kind words! I am still using these displays over a year later at all of my festivals and I love them!

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