Don’t Overlook Vintage Quality

by Teri Griffith.
(Davie, Florida USA)

Jewelry making is a wonderful hobby, a creative outlet and can be a source of income. Being resourceful and clever with an eye towards quality is another aspect not to be overlooked.

Solid brass vintage key and key hole necklace

Solid brass vintage key and key hole necklace

You may not appreciate the bygone style of vintage but you can not deny its use of quality components.

Knife handle with mother of pearl

Knife handle with mother of pearl

Take a closer look at vintage beads, house wares and materials before you purchase new findings or semi precious stones.

Vintage brooch and necklace combined

Vintage brooch and necklace combined

Chances are vintage quality is sitting in a thrift store or salvage shop waiting to be rediscovered and utilized in your creative process.

Teri Griffith
Creatively Hatched at Etsy

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  • How clever, to use unexpected components. I adore antiques shopping, and you’ve inspired me to see the small items bins and displays in a new light!

  • Yes Terrie, we can change the notion that discarded object are trash and feature the value from quality components and design.

    Happy treasure hunting from a fellow Teri!

  • Teri, I so agree that vintage items are often much higher quality than a lot of what’s manufactured nowadays. Also, one-of-a-kind vintage finds give our handmade jewelry a unique look. Love your pieces shown here – especially the vintage brooch and necklace combined!

  • Debra Lowe says:

    Love them all! Creativity is such a great part of our brain function…you have it in spades! These are all so different and so beautiful…love the brooch piece~

  • Thanks Debra, I sold the two turquoise pieces last week at a food truck/ art event. (I was secretly hoping to keep the key necklace!) I tried to find another salvage item but the key alone was 20$ on Ebay.

    Teri @ keeping my brain stretched every day.

  • Debra Lowe says:

    Yes, but the hunt is so fun, I do so love your work, congrats on two sales…not surprised they are great. I too threaten to keep a piece…then I think of bills to pay, etc. Keep searching for your key, I know you’ll probably find another…hopefully at a bargain price~

  • I love them all, especially the key one. It is so much fun to create from vintage and found objects. It is an entire journey from beginning the search for intriguing finds through to the end of the creative process. You definitely have an eye for this type of designing. Great work.

  • Hey Susan, I just visited your site, love the deep earthy vibe especially photo
    # 36 and 63.

    Also Debra, your site with the Art Nouveau features are right up my alley, just not my pocket book 🙁 and I love how the pin or buckle inspires the necklace chain and colors.

    Bravo ladies! Teri

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