New Battle Worn Earrings

by Franklin Jeffers.
(Redmond, Oregon USA)

Red Brass Skold Soster Earrings

Red Brass Skold Soster Earrings

Been back in the studio working hard on new designs. These are part of my battle worn series.

Copper Skold Bearer Earrings

Copper Skold Bearer Earrings

They play into my organic primal feel that already encompasses my soul. I see these pieces adorning a shield maiden upon the war torn field or the high priestess attending her sacred rites under the vile of the moon.

Full Domed Skold xxl Red Brass Earrings

Full Domed Skold xxl Red Brass Earrings

Red Brass Gorget  Earrings

Red Brass Gorget Earrings

Heavily worked with the hammer and many left with an natural fire kissed patina of the forge.

Thank you for taking a look at my newest work.

Franklin Jeffers
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  • What interesting textures and shapes!

  • Thanks Terry,

    The designs come come my take on real shields and armor and turning them into earrings.

  • These are fabulous, Franklin! They look like they were discovered on an ancient battlefield. Great series of earrings evoking the powerful women of those times.

  • Thank you Rena,

    I like sharing here with others that craft and make so many wonderful pieces. As I have said I am still new to the whole process of putting myself out there and trying to sale online. (I picked up one of your e-books 🙂 Now trying to put it into practice and build my name and sales.) I love old worn armor and with these pieces I thought I could bring out the inner warrior of old into the modern day.

  • Judith says:

    I’d wear the red brass Skold Soster earrings just because I like the textured metal done that way. Very nice.

  • zoraida says:

    These are wonderful and I can visualize a Xena type warrior women wearing them. I like the awesome textures and un-fussy design as well. Anyone of them would look great with a simple outfit as a statement piece!

  • Wow, what stunning earrings! I love your entire concept, have you made other items from your shields and armor- pendants, necklaces, bracelets? You could make a whole line. Would love to see more.

  • Thanks everyone, And Susan I do have matching earrings and cuff that fit the theme.

  • Valerie says:

    These are just plain AWESOME!!! No doubt, they will sell.

    May I ask what you use to cut your metal? (I’ve decided I dislike using a jeweler’s saw!)

    All the best. I hope you knock it out of the park with your sales.

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