Advice for Jewelry Trade Shows?

by Byron George Sabol.
(Scottsdale, Arizona)

Advice for Jewelry Trade Shows?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I am assisting our daughter with her jewelry design business.

Our primary market is women’s boutiques that sell jewelry in the $25-$125 price point range.

We have never participated as a vendor in a jewelry trade show.

Any recommendations for one or more trade shows will be appreciated.

Byron George Sabol

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  • Dorothy says:

    I got so much out of Rena’s Jewelry Booth book. It is so detailed she almost tells you what to bring for lunch! 🙂 For a really successful show her ideas can’t be beat – and she tells you how to do it simply and easily.

  • Karen Robison says:

    My advice would be to get a Square or a means of taking credit card payments. People these days don’t carry cash and do tend to spend a little more when they put things on a credit card.

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