My First Craft Show

by Dawn Carpino.
(Ruby, NY)

My First Craft Show by Dawn Carpino  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

So, I just did my first craft show. I was upstairs in a classroom in a high school.

There were about 100 vendors. Most of the stuff was “kitchy” Xmas stuff.

I sold two necklace sets, one with a bracelet and one with earrings. Also sold a pumpkin bracelet and earrings and a couple of other earrings.

I had 20 necklaces, 27 bracelets and 88 pairs of earrings – too many to put out.

Most of the people just walked by without a glance, or a quick one. I’m thinking it was the wrong crowd for what I make.

How to find the right crowd for my jewelry – any suggestions?

Also, took a quick tour – someone in the gym was selling something similar to my necklaces but much more than me and at lower prices.

Is my stuff priced too high?

Thought about trying online selling but then I have to also buy packing materials, deal with shipping, and be tied to my computer. Seems like a full-time job.

I’m addicted to making jewelry so need to sell it, was hoping a few craft shows a year would at least support my habit.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Dawn Carpino
Endless Possibilities

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