Wooden & Stone Bead Jewelry – Sell Separately or as a Set?

by Colleen.
(Webster, NY)

Wooden & Stone Bead Jewelry - Sell Separately or as a Set? by Colleen  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

This is what came from part boredom and a need to clean out.

Some of these wooden beads came from a friend’s son and some were a sale buy.

Wooden and stone bracelet by Colleen  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Add to that, stone beads that were laying around – and taa da!

Now to see if they will sell.

Any ideas if I should sell as a complete set or better to sell separately or maybe give the choice? Thanks!!

Wooden and stone earrings by Colleen  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Elements by Design

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  1. Colleen, I like how well these pieces work together without being too “matchy”. Autumn is a good time of year for selling this natural-looking jewelry set. If I were selling these pieces, I would price each piece individually, but display them together and include a price for purchasing the whole set (which would be a slightly better deal than buying all three pieces individually).

  2. Colleen says:

    Thanks Rena!! That was my thought at first, but then I started second guessing myself. Thanks again for offering all of us this great newsletter and site!!


  3. Beautiful. I like Rena’s suggestion. I was having the same question for some pieces I made. Now I have a great response. Keep up the wonderful work Colleen.

  4. I agree with Rena, I like to display together but price separate with a discount for buying more than one piece. I have found that people rarely buy a”set” but will buy more than one piece especially if they think they get a better deal.

  5. Absolutely! Beautiful pieces! I also agree with Rena. That is how I would sell it. If someone bought part of the set, I would also give a price to make additional complementing pieces for someone wanting a set.

  6. Colleen,
    Beautiful! I love the chunky look, they will sell…

  7. Christine Stewart says:

    Here’s my experience from this Spring at the Great Lakes Beach Glass Festival, which is large event that draws a crowd from the tri-state area. I had about 80% of my work individually priced and the remainder as sets. I sold nothing as a set, but I sold quite a bit of the sets I broke up. I now display things as a set, but everything is priced individually.

  8. Jane Jennings says:

    I agree that people rarely buy sets. But I think these will be much admired! Here’s another idea – if you have enough beads, make a few more pieces with the same materials, not the same, but similar, and call it a “collection”. It gives people who like the materials more options, for instance a pair of chunkier earrings as an option to the more delicate ones, or a simple leather cord necklace with just a few pieces of wood/stone as a focal point for those with a more minimalist style. I think a display of several like items gets more attention than just one set.

  9. Cat Slavin says:

    Love it!!! This is a great article, and timely as well as I’ve been struggling for the past 2 years over a similar ‘set’ . . . didn’t think it would sell as a set because of the price, but separate pieces with separate prices, and a discount ‘carrot’ would work!!!

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