Version 2 – Inspired 4 U Jewelry Business Cards

by Lee-Lee Williams.
(Inspired 4 U)

Lee-Lee’s new, more streamlined version of her business card

Note from Rena:

Thanks to everyone’s helpful feedback on Version 1 – Inspired 4 U Jewelry Business Cards, Lee-Lee Williams did some updating and sent in Version 2 of her card (above) for our feedback.

Please share your comments for Lee-Lee below! Thanks for helping a fellow jewelry artist.

The business card above belongs to:
Lee-Lee Williams
Inspired 4 U


needs more flair
by: Jane

This one is much better! But it feels sterile and bland, and the photo is not straight, giving it a slightly amatuerish feel. The actual jewelry pictured is very nice, and deserves a better presentation.

Also, on the card, maybe a very simple border,or/and some use of color in the text or background, and definately a more interesting font.
If you know someone with Photoshop, or similar program, it could be easily improved for free – and with tons of options.

2nd version is much better
by: Carol

I think the picture is supposed to be crooked. I like the simpler design, but maybe print it on a light color card, like blush – very subtle. I just hate stark white. I hate white cars too!

by: SterlingCrystal

Hi Lee-Lee,

I am just about to begin my own journey with this, so I really appreciate you posting your changing designs.

This one is much better. I don’t mind the picture being on an angle, it does add to making the card more interesting, but I’d like to see it both ways and decide. I also agree with Carol – printing on a coloured card (maybe a pale version of the blue in your logo?) would really add to it.

I know this is an old post, I’m only now catching up on all of my JBSN newsletters!

Sam Ryder

Thank you all
by: Lee-Lee

I thank you all for taking the time to input on my business cards. I will continue to improve on my design for years to come. This is just the start of the beginning ;-)!

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