Trial Inspired 4 U Jewelry Business Cards

by Lee-lee.
(Petersburg, Va)

inspired 4 u business card idea

I designed some new business cards and I wanted to get some feedback on them. So I thought what better place to get some advice than from Rena and friends!

Please let me know what you think.

Lee-Lee Williams
Inspired 4 U


Ideas for your card
by: Rena

Hi Lee-Lee,

I think you’re off to a good start, with including photos of your work. That definitely gives people an instant reminder of why they kept your business card!

Also, I love your “Turning your ideas into designs” tagline.

One thing I would recommend, though, is to perhaps group the visual elements a little differently on your card.

I say that because instead of focusing on your jewelry, I found my eyes darting back and forth, all over the card, to see all the visual elements.

You may want to experiment with having just one jewelry image that includes two of your pieces, rather than having two images in opposite corners of the card.

Also, I think your four-color-square logo image could be smaller. For me it competes too much with the images of your jewelry, and I think it’s better for customers to focus on the jewelry instead of dividing their attention between jewelry and logo.

To group your business card’s text more concisely, you could experiment with putting your email in the same block as your name, phone, and fax.

Also, not sure if you have the same number for both phone and fax – but if so, one is listed on your card as 875 and the other is 857.

If they are both the same number, you might try putting:

phone and fax:

Thank you for sharing your jewelry business card here, Lee-Lee, I hope this helps! :o)

If you want to post a revised card too, we’ll be happy to look at it for you!

business cards
by: Anonymous

Please don’t be offended but to me the card has too much going and the font is unappealing. The pictures almost seem an after thought. I would pick one or two pictures (or do a group shot of 2-3 pieces) to show off your jewelry and then tastefully include your info. The photos remind people why they picked up your card. Your fax number can be found on your website so save that space. I also think one description of your designs would be plenty.
I know this is a daunting task. It took me several days to design and mull over my card design.
Good luck!

focus on the jewelry and font
by: Jane Jennings

I’d like to see just one picture of a beautiful jewelry item on your card,to avoid an unfocued feel, and some use of a more interesting font – or 2 or 3. When I was designing my “logo”, I looked around at logos for all kinds of things. I found that the font was the most distinctive thing about a logo – think of Chanel, or Canon, or Staples. No pix necessary for their brand recognition. But others looked great combining 2 fonts, which is what I do – my name (Gigi) and “jewelry”(castellar. Find a font that’s easily readable, and has a style that fits yours.
one other thing – try to color coordinate some or all of your text with the jewelry picture. (without getting fussy. And go with others’ sound advice about the content of the card.
Good Luck!

business card
by: Anonymous

I thought it was a little too Busy!!!!!

Please see Lee-Lee’s Revised Business Card
by: Rena

Lee-Lee sent in her newly revised jewelry business card – please see it here and share your feedback for her:

Version 2 – Inspired 4 U Jewelry Business Cards

Thanks! :o)

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