Calling Cards and Cool Handmade Envelopes

by Pat Barden.
(Chatham, NY)

I found these great handmade kraft paper side opening envelopes with stars on Etsy. I wish I could recall where, to give her credit.

I like them because they match swell with my recycled material boxes from Nashville wraps.

I put one or two of my calling cards in, the backside is blank. Perfect as a gift card though. Next order on the calling cards, I’m going to have the back printed to look like a gift tag, with to: and from, good idea, eh?

Pat Barden
Pat Barden Jewelry
Pat Barden Jewelry on artfire


Handmade envelopes for calling cards
by: Rena

Cool – these pretty little envelopes are the perfect size, and match the rest of your packaging nicely! They also have an appealing artsy look.

Printing the back of your calling cards to be a gift tag is a great idea – people often keep gift tags from their loved ones, and how handy to have your jewelry business info on the other side!

Thanks for sharing these neat ideas, Pat!

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