Windproof Jewelry Displays

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You’ll need windproof jewelry displays when you do outdoor shows. Otherwise you may spend much of the show struggling to keep your inventory and booth components from blowing over or flying away.

Windproof jewelry display used by Sunni Bergeron relies on heavy shelving units and drawers scrounged from houses that were being dismantled.

It only takes a slight breeze to make lightweight things blow over inside your booth, and even having three sidewalls of your tent zipped up tightly may not keep your things from blowing around on a really gusty day.

Sunni, the designer of the jewelry display shown above, says:

“It’s always a treat when you can find shelves heavy enough without being difficult to carry.

I scrounge around in houses that are being dismantled, to find interesting bits and pieces and copper wire.

One house yielded some drawers. I like the rustic look, so I hit them a little with a wire brush, drilled some holes in the sides to insert some chunks of dowel, and rested some glass shelving I’d gleaned from another house.

So not only do I have windproof shelves, I have containers to carry things in!”

Thanks for this great tip, Sunni! I’m especially impressed with your “green” approach to your jewelry business, recycling things that would otherwise be thrown away.

Other ideas for windproofing your jewelry displays:

  • Clamp or bungee them to your table tops or tent framework.
  • Place weightlifting plates, scuba-diving weights, small pouches filled with tumbled stones, fist-sized rocks, etc. on the bases of your displays.
  • Wrap small, heavy objects in attractive fabric and set them where they can hold things down while looking decorative.
  • Don’t use flimsy, lightweight items in an outdoor booth.
  • Display everything in jewelry trays with various tray-liners made to hold different types of jewelry.
  • On a really gusty day, you may have to display everything flat on the tabletop, or in closed cases.
  • Tie the “skirts” of your table coverings to the legs of your tables. Otherwise the wind will blow them upward so that they cover or even knock over your jewelry displays.
  • See Kerry Collett’s windproof mosaic and wood jewelry displays.
  • Amanda Craig’s earring display from a drying rack lets the wind blow harmlessly through her display, so nothing gets knocked over.
  • Make a “jewelry album” using this jewelry travel organizer idea, so people can view your jewelry despite wind, rain, or other difficult weather conditions.

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