Trouble with Back Stories for My Jewelry

by Angela Moisey.

question-mark-purple-on-tan-diagramI’ve been on here checking out all of the areas of this site. So much information to absorb! I too resonate with stories of items.

Does anyone have any examples to share where I could kick start my brain to come up with my own. I make wire crochet jewelry and have used the idea of my inspiration in my write ups on Etsy.

I’ve been on etsy to get help from teams and blog posts too. Again, so much information to sort through.

Any ideas would be great to start with.

Angela Moisey

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  1. Angela, you might try brainstorming while you’re making your jewelry. Is there a story in where or how you got the components for this piece? Are any of the components interesting in some way? What led to your inspiration? Does the color make you think of anything or someone? Do the shapes in the piece look like something? Who might wear or might have worn something like this? Are the colors reminiscent of animal skins, or flowers, or from the beach? Could it be used in a story or a fairy tale?

    Also, check out the posts in our Writing Product Descriptions section here on JMJ.

  2. When I’m stuck on a story for a piece, I imagine myself wearing it and a friend or coworker asking about it. What would I say?

    I also find it useful to use a recording app or some other way to record, so I can verbally talk about a piece, either by myself or while chatting about it with someone (hubby gets roped into this sometimes!). Sometimes things come out when you talk about your pieces that you might not have thought of when in front of your computer.

  3. Hi, Angela. I have a file that contains a number of loose leaf pages on which I record phrases, adjectives, adverbs, kooky descriptions, etc. that I could use to refer to jewelry pieces I have made. I am forever on the hunt for words of interest, and they come from various sources: magazines, radio programs, newspapers, conversations, etc. When I am stuck for a phrase to describe a particular piece, I go into my file and can usually pick something that seems appropriate. Good luck.

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