What Style Would You Call This Jewelry? by Dianne Jacques

by Dianne Jacques.
(Vermont, USA)

What Style Would You Call This? by Dianne Jacques  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

enamel earring group

Ugh, I am having a really tough time trying to figure out what style this is for marketing purposes.

If you were going to search for this type of jewelry, what would you search for?

What style would you call it?

I have a couple of ideas that almost fit…What do you think?

They are vitreous enamel on copper and in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Dianne Jacques
Divella Designs

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  • Dawn says:

    I would say enameled jewelry

  • Jane Rienks says:

    The style looks organically abstract, very beautiful….but I understand why you are having problems with naming. The patterns reminds me of stained microscope sections of cells.

  • Annie Laughton says:

    Organic Enamel?

  • sue says:

    That looks like crackle enamel, or separation enamel. Basically I would call it enameled earrings. If you fire it with a torch you could call it torch fired enamel earrings

  • Melissa says:

    Lovely – It reminds me of Art Nouveau. There may be some words used to describe that style of art that help you?

  • Jane Jennings says:

    I would call this boho. I don’t think people are going to be searching for enamel, and they don’t care what they are made of. ” Boho” fits the style people might search for.

  • I can see that too. Kind of reminds me of lichen. It’s the whole “collection name” struggle.

  • Thanks Sue, I’m trying to name the collection so looking more for style.

  • I agree, most people don’t search for the materials, or even know them. Boho is surely an option, thanks!

  • Liz Morgan says:

    Yes, boho, it’s huge right now too!

  • Rena Klingenberg says:

    Dianne, back before I knew much about jewelry, I probably would have done an online search for “pink earrings”, “lime green earrings”, etc. by color.

  • “Boho” was exactly the word that came to my mind.

  • Katie Kremer says:

    I have an Etsy shop, and at first i wracked my brain over descriptions! I would definitely put yours under the Boho category, then refine them down from there as others suggested- enameled, torch-enameled, etc

  • I would put the words ‘mille feuille’ in there somewhere (pronounced meel foy). It means a thousand layers or leaves, flowers etc.

  • Arlene Ellingsworth says:

    They are lovely: I would call them Bohemian Droplets

  • Judith says:

    They’re really beautiful! and hard to pigeonhole as they are original. A little more info about them might help. Are they inspired by nature, Art Nouveau, or anything else? They made me think of William Morris prints (Arts and Crafts style) but I don’t know how helpful that is for jewelry. Also, do you need a style to fit into an Etsy category or just to describe your work to others?

  • Maggie says:

    They look very earthy, natural, organic and artisan to me. These are the feelings I get from them. If using one of these words doesn’t work, the closest “style” word that comes closest is Boho. They are very beautiful and unique!

  • Senita says:

    I, too, was thinking “Bohemian”

  • Sue says:

    Handmade enameling on copper. Each piece created for you.

  • Barbara says:

    If I was searching I would yes, crackled natural stone

  • Nora says:

    These are beautiful! I agree with the comments, organic, boho, colorful are the words that come to mind.

  • Thanks! Just for description to name the collection.

  • Razorbackglassguy says:

    try boho-chic


  • Claudia says:

    What does “Boho” or ” Bohemian” actually mean?

  • MJ says:

    Nice earrings! If I were “looking” for earrings on-line, I would first search for dangle or drop earrings, then Boho earrings, then perhaps color: blue dangle earrings, green Boho style earrings, orange, etc. I don’t think many people would make a search for “enamel” earrings or “torch enameled” earrings for instance.

  • Judith says:

    When I looked at your website I thought of “Elements” (as in air, earth, fire and water) as a collection name. It continues the nature theme and gets across something of the nature of these enameled pieces.

  • Boho is an abbreviation for Bohemian Homeless. Bohemian is well, think 60’s hippy. Boho-Chic is a style that is a little more ostentatious than my designs, although it has the earthy, organic feel to it that is very similar. As far as “style”, it’s the closest I’ve found in my month of research.

  • Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions. Boho is one of the options I had come up with, it just doesn’t seem to quite nail it. It really reminds me of the lichen growing on the rocks & trees on my walks in the woods. In fact, when I pulled the first ones (earthy colors) out of the kiln, that was my first thought and this nature-lover was excited! I have called it the Lichen Collection on the website, but was looking for keywords and perhaps a more accurate description for naming the collection.

  • Heather Gale says:

    It looks like molten millefiori
    Which can be achieved by fusing onto a a base of fired layer of enamel it also could have a clear layer over that as decorative layer is usually raised but this technique will be close to the millefiori technique

    The blue piece looks like a base of a sticker or whatever then resin

    It’s hard to tell

  • Janean T. says:

    Contemporary enamel, each individually unique!

  • Moogie says:

    Hey Dianne! I may be wrong but I’m thinking you’re maybe over thinking this! I think most women searching for earrings will search by style such as stud, dangle, clip or color & maybe Boho, Contemporary, antique, etc. I’m not sure people are going to know the style differences between Art Deco, Art Nouveau or other styles by era. I have to refer to a reference list to see the differences. Definitely not an art major!
    Just my thoughts on this. But it’s ultimately your designs & your decision ❤️ Share your decision if you will.
    And, I love enamel & love your creations!

  • Sharon Rittmiller says:

    Your jewelry is beautiful and I think BoHo is the correct description/style. I have a question. How do you take such amazing photos of your jewelry?

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