Spring Snow Necklace

by Nora.
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

Spring Snow Necklace by Nora  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Spring Snow Necklace, crakle crystal beads with Peridot and Citrine chips

I live in Edmonton Alberta and the weather here is crazy!

I get my inspiration for creating jewelry from nature and try as much as possible to create pieces that represent something.

Spring Snow Necklace by Nora  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

This Spring Snow necklace, as the name says, was inspired by a late snow fall in my area and I thought I would say good by to winter and hello to spring with this creation.


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  • Nora, your color choices are gorgeous here! I love the name and the inspiration. It looks like it has snowed on new green grass and leaves. The gold beads work well with the metal elements.

  • Moogie says:

    Your piece is so so pretty! Like Rena, I love the story behind the design. You totally captured it. Using clear (white) crackle glass for snow is genius! Those antique gold ends are beautiful. Living in the South, USA all my life, I don’t get much inspiration from snow. I wonder if I can capture heat & humidity in a design?!!

  • Linda says:

    I love this beautiful piece of jewelry. The crackle glass depicting snow and ice is genius. I particularly love the colors, I would wear this necklace a lot!

  • Jean says:

    Very creative and love the colors with the gold. Nice work!

  • Nora says:

    Thank you for your nice comments it is so rewarding to get some feedback. Thanks again to all!

  • Sarah says:


    I absolutely love this necklace and the feeling that it evokes of grass poking through the late winter snow.
    I would like to give a word of warning about the crackle beads. My mom and I have used them in necklaces and earrings and have found that over time, the lovely crackles in them diminished or disappeared and they became clear beads. I think it may have something to do with some reaction with the body heat from the wearer. Not sure but something to keep in mind when selling.

  • Rita says:

    Hi Nora,
    Gosh, you so nailed you’re intent for this design. I remember those days of wishing for spring while snow melted. I live in FL now though. When I lived in St.Louis, my favorite time of year was during the winter melt and seeing crocuses popping through the snow. Your design would look great with those purple colors of the crocus too. Believe it or not, I do miss the change of seasons. Thank you for sharing!

  • Nora says:

    Thank you Sarah, i havent had any issue for now, but ill keep it in mind, actually i will wear some for a while a see how it goes!

  • Nora says:

    Hello Rita, thank you flr sharing 6our memories of spring and for your encouraging comments. I will have though to figure out a design for a snow storm as thats what is awaiting us here in northern Alberta! Lol

  • LuElla says:

    Nora, your jewelry comes to life as your layout reminds me of a live model doing a photo shoot with all the different poses! I can actually see Summer, Autumn and Winter in your piece with the Citrine representing Autumn, stunning! Moogie got a huge laugh from me with her comment about capturing “heat and humidity” in a design, I’ll be thinking about that for some time LOL! Again, your piece is lovely! If I tried to design a piece based on weather here in Toledo, Ohio where we can get four seasons in a day, I think it would be a disastrous ball of confusion.

  • Nora says:

    Hello LuElla, you made me very happy with your comments. I laughed too ! You have such a beautiful imagination! You are sooo very right about the necklace having autumn in the citrine, i never thought of it!
    Thanks again!

  • Mary Ann says:

    Your piece is absolutely stunning Nora! A comment on the crackle beads for you……A few years ago I discovered these beads, and was hooked! I made many pieces and paired them with all things white, white jade, white pearls, etc. they were a hit! I wore one of my bracelets every where I went and garnered sales even while grocery shopping! I thought I was brilliant! But, then, over time, the crackle faded and became just clear glass. I ran to my supplier and was told to drop the beads into boiling water, then shock them in cold water. Really? I stopped using them in my designs, but just recently bought a small supply. (Still hooked). I do believe it is body temperature. I am hoping that if I make long neck pieces with the crackle on the lower part, resting on the clothing fabric, and not directly on the skin, this will prevent the fading. And no bracelets! Again, your piece is absolutely beautiful, and you inspired me this morning to try again. So thank you again, and keep us updated!
    Mary Ann in Vancouver, B.C.

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