Recycled Assemblage Jewelry

by Janet Vacanti.
(Lockport, NY)

Peaceful Warrior Necklace by Janet Vacanti  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Peaceful Warrior Necklace

I love to walk the shores of Lake Ontario where I live.

Most people collect beach glass, but I fill my pockets with metal objects.

Tick Toc Assemblage Necklace by Janet Vacanti  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Tick Toc Assemblage Necklace

I am fascinated with the textures, patinas and rust on them.

Their organic and mechanical shapes are also intriguing, but not as much as their secret past.

What were they and how did they end up here?

Uncanny Cans Pendant by Janet Vacanti  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Uncanny Cans Pendant

Because they become unique one of kind pieces, I usually only sell them through my seasonal brick and mortar store.

I have customers who come back each year to see what I have come up with over the winter.

The Secret Chord Necklace by Janet Vacanti  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

The Secret Chord Necklace

Janet Vacanti

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  1. Janet, you have a talent for finding wonderful one-of-a-kind treasures – and then inventing interesting jewelry with them! I also love your clever names for these pieces. What’s the best item you’ve found while combing the shore?

  2. I have found so many fun things… rusted out CO2 cartridges… the remnants of radiator caps… melted aluminum, tops of cans, alarm clock parts, keys, copper tubing, and always a heart-stopper… clumps of tangled copper wire with perfect blue-green patinas….hard to pick a favorite.

  3. Hi Janet! I love this jewellery! I’m a beachcomber too (Lake Huron), and I also pick up other things besides beach glass, but so far haven’t made any of the metal bits into jewellery. This shows me that these things make great pieces, at least they do in your hands. 🙂

  4. Thanks Tamara. I find a lot of metal because there were so many structures along the lake here in Olcott that our now gone…old cabins, a hotel, an amusement park…etc. I’m sure back during the early 1900’s they just dumped everything into the lake.. I tell my husband that the pieces could be from an old ship wreck or something cool and historical…he tells me the metal is probably from an old garbage can that got blown into the lake. lol

  5. Very cool designs! I especially love the first necklace…who knew scrap metal could be so beautiful?!

  6. Great stuff! Love your design aesthetic and the up cycling of ‘junk’-

  7. Sarah Boblit says:

    Just so cool. I live near the Mississippi. I wonder what i would find. Maybe a walk on the shore is in order.

  8. Love your creative energy with these unique local finds! The one with rusty metal shapes is a knockout!

  9. Your designs are so incredibly creative and interesting and love your whimsical names for each piece. I too love repurposing and recycling random found objects—after awhile you look at everything in a new light and begin thinking how you can design jewelry with it.

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