Pop Bottle Pin

by Elayne Teitelbaum.
(Las Vegas, Nevada USA)

upcycled plastic bottle jewelry.

I’ve recently started repurposing plastic soda bottles into flowers. I’m colouring them with Sharpies but would like to find paints that would work as well.

Tried some suncatcher stain pens but not happy with that. The paint needs to be somewhat transparent, water resistant, and permanent. Any suggestions?

I don’t want to keep buying things that end up not working!

Elayne Teitelbaum
ChezChani at Etsy
ChezChaniSupply at Etsy

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  1. You could try some pens designed for ceramics or glass. Amazon has some sets that aren’t too expensive.

  2. Thanks Sarah. I’m hoping someone will know something that will work. It gets pricey to keep buying things to try.

  3. No suggestions, Just wanted you to know that I love your flowers. Really pretty! Hope you find the right dye for them. Maybe stain glass window paint?

  4. Dia Rogers says:

    Your pin is Charming. Regarding paint to use. You might check out the artwork online of “Aurora Robson”, a plastic recycling artist. Her work is amazing, on a much larger scale, of course, the process might work for you. She uses an airbrush and acrylic paint for beautiful translucent effects. There are airbrush sets in the model section of Hobby Lobby that are reasonable. Keep up the lovely work & enjoy the “PROCESS”.

  5. Patricia says:

    Alcohol inks by Tim Holtz and Ranger. They are in the stamping/scrapbook area in craft stores. I always spray my items with a clear glaze when they dry. Just for my peace of mind.

  6. I would probably use alcohol inks too, but another thought I had was nail polish. Some brands are pretty pricy, but there are cheaper brands, and even the dollar stores sell them.

  7. Diane Retana says:

    I use Gilder’s Paste. Firemountain has it in lots of colors and it really goes a long way, even if it seems a little costly at first. You can seal it nicely with clear nail polish, and it will get quite clear on plastic. You can blend the colors too.

  8. jackie klish says:

    Look for glass paint. I used it on glass, it dries hard and very clear. You use a brush, and can even smear or blend two colors together while still wet.

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