Packaging With A Narrative

by Glenda Munguia.
(Humble, Texas USA)

Heart pendant story

Heart pendant story

After reading the collaborative project of Boats with Gossamer Waves by Robert Dancik and Seth Lee Savarick in the book Polymer Clay Master Class; I was inspired by Robert’s idea of writing a narrative for the project they had done, and how it had helped Seth keep a vision fir his part of the project.

Jewelry set description display and packaging

Jewelry set description display and packaging

While not writing a narrative, I adopted the idea of writing the jewelry description in a letter-style format. I place this in a box that once the item is sold, can be closed and is ready for gifting.

Heart set description

Heart set description

I adapted this now that I have my jewelry at a beauty salon where the space is limited for a big display.

Glenda Munguia
Beautiful Jewelry by Glenda Munguia

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  1. What a neat idea, Glenda! A really lovely handmade touch – and a much more interesting way to impart the product details. Also I imagine these letter-style enclosures are more likely to be kept than standard product info cards, simply because they feel special.

  2. Glenda, this is lovely, there’s nothing better than finding letters in boxes or books, I think it makes the item all the more beautiful, makes people feel special to receive the gift, more personal.

  3. That is so nice Glenda! I have to do that too. Great idea thank you for inspiring us :^)

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