Branding Your Jewelry Through Packaging

by Susan Anderson.

Packaging provides me with an additional means to brand my jewelry.

Jewelry Pouches

Jewelry Pouches

My goal is to make the packaging look appealing, while consistent with my style and to give them a way to contact me later. My jewelry is earthy so I selected a tone to keep with that imaging.

I created tags for earrings and pendants on brown craft style cardstock. Each card contains my business name and website. It helps to make the pieces pop when on the cards.

Jewelry Tags for Earrings and Pendants

Jewelry Tags for Earrings and Pendants

My business cards were made with a photo of one of my jewelry pieces on front, my business name, my name and a tag line. All my contact information is on the back. I did this so I could attach a business card to the top of the jewelry boxes.

The boxes are brown craft paper. Inside I place another business card so they have the contact information from the back. After the jewelry is placed inside, the boxes are tied closed with twine.

Branding Boxes and Bags

Branding Boxes and Bags

I am using Rena’s idea of jewelry pouches for pieces that don’t go in the gift boxes. I use earthy colored wired ribbon or burlap. I was having a difficult time with bending the wire and having it stay in place so I use that no sew tape you would use for putting up hems. It does take a bit longer but works.

I use the burlap to make pouches for large necklaces that won’t fit inside the boxes I have. I only use 2 size boxes to keep the cost down, the pouches can be made to any size I need and offer a cheaper packing solution.

More  Branding through Tags

More Branding through Tags

When I ship things out I include a thank you card that I write a little note on. Another tag I sometimes include either on the pouch or on the jewelry box is an Enjoy Your Jewelry tag. These are attached or wrapped with twine. Again these notes are made from the brown craft paper card stock.

For art shows, instead of using plastic bags, I purchased brown craft bags. I have a printed label with my contact information adhered to the front of the bag. Around the handle, I have an earthy ribbon tied on with my business card.

In a way it is definitely overkill, but everything is consistent with my business name and there is enough repeats of information that I can be contacted later.

Susan Anderson
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  • In addition to branding your jewelry and your business, your packaging also shows that you’re thorough, detail oriented, and that you go the extra mile for your customers. I love the earthy feel of your boxes, cards, pouches, and shopping bags. My favorites are your earring and pendant cards – fantastic! Thanks for sharing your well thought-out packaging and branding, Susan!

  • Up until now I only used earring cards, business cards an a small note with directions on how to take proper care of the jewelry pieces.
    I have been thinking of making my own packaging materials and seeing these bags and boxes makes me reconsider it again.

    btw I love the look of them all.

  • Deb Youngers says:

    Your info came to me just in time! I’ve recently begun creating clay jewelry with a rustic or “earthy” look and have been thinking about making pouches, since I also love fiber arts. I love what you’ve created and so much appreciate the confirmation that I’m heading in the right direction! Thank you for sharing.

  • Thanks everyone for the feedback!

    It is such fun coming up with ideas for displays and packaging. I love going to the local thrift stores to see what interesting old, earthy looking things I can find. I know for myself, if I am attending a show and the booth display isn’t eye catching, I tend to pass it by, so I try to make things that will generate interest so people will want to come in and take a look.

    Putting your own touch on your packaging is appreciated by people and if someone is buying a handmade item, it adds to the overall appeal. The goal when creating my packaging is to make it look good, be low cost, and quick to make.

    If I’m at a show and someone buys a small, low cost item, I don’t put it in a gift box or a pouch, I use a few different sized coin envelopes, print out a cover tag that is attached to the front, either by gluing it on or punching a small hole and threading a short piece of twine through it. Instead of the more expensive craft paper bags, I use brown lunch bags with a stick on label and ribbon.

  • Neat idea for the decorated coin envelopes, Susan! 🙂

  • Mardi C. says:

    I. Love. This. One of the (countless) things I’ve been working on lately is my branding / packaging. I have two quick questions – hopefully you won’t mind. On your display cards / tags, do you use some sort of template with different sizes that you simply print out with your information and then crop down to size? I’ve bought some custom made ones before but would love to make my own. And second question – how do you attach the pendants to the cards? I’m struggling with figuring this out since my glass pendants can be purchased with or without a necklace.


  • Mardi- to answer your question, I created my own templates for my display cards. It took a bit of playing around to find sizes that worked for me, but once it’s done, it is so easy. I did remove all the margins when setting up the display cards. My small cards have 3 /4 across, the largest ones just 2. I made them so it would be easy to cut out.

    To attach the pendants I poked 2 holes with a pin, then attach with a very thin wire that is twisted in place in the back.

    Good luck! It is so much better if you can create your display cards yourself because they will better fit your jewelry.

  • Pam Fausz says:

    I really like your packaging. I have tried several things, but haven’t found one that I just loved. I have recently purchased some of the Kraft boxes & would like to get some bags with handles like you have. (if you don’t mind, where did you get yours?, I am always comparing prices)
    You said you created your template for your display cards and I assume print them out, doesn’t that use a lot of your ink?

  • Thanks Pam! The bags I ordered from Nashville Wraps. I had also looked into Paper Mart which has good prices but they were out of stock for the sizes I wanted for so long that I looked around for other options. I do print out my own cards and no I don’t think it uses an enormous amount of ink. I squeeze as many cards onto a sheet as I can. Good luck with your packaging adventure!

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