Easy Easel Displays

by Kenna McCall.
(Merrickville, Ontario, Canada)

I use padded boards on easels to display anything that can be pinned. I change it up depending on how I want to use the display: I can focus on a theme or sale items or anything else I want to highlight at a particular event.

Easels on duty at a craft show

Easels on duty at a craft show

It is just a matter of pinning new items onto the boards and displaying them on the easels. The boards are made of foamcore, upholstery padding and good quality canvas glued and stapled together.

Then I used heavy duty velcro to attach the boards to handmade framed chalkboards. By using velcro I can swap out boards for new ones if I like. I pin the jewelry, and sometimes small signs, to the boards and then mount them on the easels for display.

The easels are made of wood and break down with one screw for storage and traveling. To save time setting up for a show, I pin the jewelry on the boards ahead of time and carry them in garbage bags with pull ribbons at the top to use as handles.

If I am careful, nothing comes off the board and setting up the display takes no time. Using easels allows me to move the display easily at a show. I have two of them so I might display them together, one on each side of my table, at the front of the booth, or if there is little room, I may decide not to use them at all.

This gives me quick and easy flexibility to adjust my display on the fly according to the “feel” of each event. Other advantages are that customers don’t need to bend down to see the pieces up close and if pinned securely, the jewelry is not easy to remove which helps prevent theft.

Kenna McCall
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