Driftwood Jewelry Display

by Debbie Dougherty.

Driftwood jewelry display – a lovely branch is the perfect backdrop for natural-style necklaces

Closeup of necklaces on horizontal driftwood branch

Another type of driftwood display for hanging jewelry

Detail of necklaces hanging from part of the driftwood branch

I am fortunate to live in a coastal area where I can find beautiful driftwood.

It also goes well with my nature inspired and branch jewelry theme.

I have attached little hooks on the backs of my two driftwood displays to keep my necklaces from sliding off.

A beautiful piece of wood, log or branch would work well also.

Debbie Dougherty


Displaying jewelry on driftwood
by: Rena

These displays are so serene and beautiful. The jewelry shows up really nicely against the wood in the first display, and I like how the necklaces hang down freely from the second display.

Gorgeous examples of Nature’s artistry combined with your artistry.

Way to branch out!
by: Fran Selinger

I really like your display, especially the ones with a branch pendant! Very natural looking, which I like. I do a beach theme display and have a few large conch shells that I drape necklaces on. I also have a coral fan, but it doesn’t travel to Canada, so I only use it in Grenada.

Thanks for sharing.


Driftwood Jewelry Display
by: Anonymous

We used the plastic driftwood meant to go in fish aquariums. Lots of variety, and looks good too. Marcia

so simple and yet so effective
by: Helen

What a brilliant idea – so simple and yet so effective – and cheap. Next time we go and walk our cat in the forest I will look out for nice branches.Helen

by: Jet’s Jewerly

Another great display idea. Some many good ideas to choose from

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  1. I love the drift wood. I have a few small to medium branches and logs of birch I use, get them from my back yard. I also look for an interesting shape or color stone/rock to use as well. I love the natural look and use it in my jewelry as well.

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