Mosaic and Wood Jewelry Displays

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Inexpensive jewelry displays seem to be elusive. Suggestions I had found either didn’t work with my jewelry, wouldn’t stand up to outside shows, or really weren’t that inexpensive!

Wood necklace display with mirrored surfaces and mosaic base, by Kerry Collett of CeltCraft Designs

Walking down the wood craft aisle of a newly opened craft store in my area, I seemed to hit on a pretty simple idea!

My necklace displays were put together from wood pieces I found there on that wood aisle – oval pieces, circular pieces, square and rectangular pieces.

Glue, screws and some “L” shaped brackets from the hardware store made them go together very quickly.

A second wood, mirror, and mosaic necklace display, by Kerry Collett

Luckily, I have a glass saw, so cutting the mirror to fit the lower part of the oval was no problem, and I have an instant mirror for my customers!

The great thing about these items is that they can be covered with cloth, painted or stained or finished in a variety of ways.

I went with the mosaic to try and create a theme in the booth, and for the added weight since I always seem to be fighting wind!

Plus, mosaic seems to be a natural progression in my glass work, so I feel it adds to the items in the booth.

It definately added to the expense, but was priceless in teaching me a new craft. (Cost without the mosaic is under $10 for each piece, including hardware!)

The necklace tree (below) also came from parts on that aisle.

Two screws from the bottom hold the post, and drilling the hole in each side of the post to match the size of dowel were all of the labor involved.

The round knobs on the end I was able to purchase pre-drilled.

Necklace tree with mosaic base, by Kerry Collett

The earring display was a purchased wooden one I have actually had for several years, and it was looking a bit worse for wear.

The matter was decided when the wind actually blew the thing off my table at a show and broke it into three or four pieces.

Spinning wood earring display with mosaic top and sides, by Kerry Collett

I mosaiced the top to help give it more weight and to hide some travel scars. Mirrors on the side helped hide a few gouges as well.

Mosaic top of earring display, by Kerry Collett

The moral of the story is to keep your eyes open no matter where you are.

Pieces meant for something else may just fit a unique jewelry display need that you have!

Author Kerry Collett of CeltCraft Designs is a multi-media artist from Layton, Utah. After owning her own bead and jewelry store for 7 years she has decided to concentrate on the show circuit and internet sales. She’s happy as long as she’s creating something!

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