Tree of Life Pendants: Need Help with the Technique Please

by Clare Laws.
(Congresbury (near Bristol))

tree of life earrings

These are my first Tree of Life earrings. What do you think?

Hello everyone,
I really love making Tree of Life Pendants but am having trouble keeping the outer circle circular when wrapping the numerous strands of wire to form the tree. I have used memory wire which helps but it usually makes the pendant to big.

I had real trouble keeping the outer circle on this one circular. What do you think?

I had real trouble keeping the outer circle on this one circular. What do you think?

Is there a specific wire gauge that will ensure that the wire does not bend?

Should I hammer the wire?
If anyone can help me i would really appreciate it as i would love to showcase my jewellery at local craft shops, but to do that they need to look really professional.

This is my first wire wrapped Tree of Life pendant set i made. What do you think?

This is my first wire wrapped Tree of Life pendant set i made. What do you think?

I have provided some pictures of Tree of Life Pendants i have been working on, i would love to hear your comments no matter good or bad (seriously) regarding what you think of them. I won’t be offending.
Many many thanks!

Clare Laws
Clare on Pinterest

P.S. I love, love, love this site!

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  • Sarah S. says:

    Hammering the wire once you have formed the ring will definitely help to harden the wire so that it holds the shape.

  • clare laws says:

    Thanks Sarah S. I will try that. Much appreciated.

  • Linda Sinish says:

    The gauge of wire depends on the size of your piece. I would use 20 or 18 ga for the outer earring circle and 18 or 16 ga for the outer pendant circle. After making the circle, I would use a rawhid mallet or plastic mallet to hammer the complete circle. Perhaps whack it several times until you can tell it’s hardened. Use the flat end of a hard chasing hammer if you want the outer circle to have a flatten appearance, as well as hardened. If you happen to have a jewelry tumbler, you could put the circle frame into the tumbler to harden, before you add your tree.

    I hope this help. By the way, your jewelry is lovely.

  • Lesley (England) says:

    When I make the tree of life, I make the circle first and secure its shape at the top. Then I twist the wires together for the trunk and then attach the roots to the base of the circle (a couple of wraps for each wire, rather than all the way round the circle). Once the roots and trunk are secure, I thread the beads on the brances and attach in the same way as the roots.

    PS I love the colours you have used for your tree blossom

  • Sarah says:

    I think they look great for your early attempts! Your first one turned out way better than mine did. I only made a couple but I used pre made hoops and they held their shape well. In the future I may prefer to make my own but for the first couple those are what I used. Keep practising and I’m sure they will get better.

  • I noticed that I preferred the ones you did that have wider roots. It balances out the heavier branches. Nice. I haven’t yet tried this technique, so am making notes!

  • Jeanne says:

    You’ve done a great job for initial tries. I also do not wrap the whole circle for which I use 16 gauge wire. I frequently use square wire and twisted it with my drill which hardens it and gives a nice framing affect rather than wrapping it. Then I use whatever size wire fits the beads I choose for the tree (usually 20-24 gauge). I also prefer to use spread out, wide roots to balance the top beads and personally, I like a less dense canopy so it doesn’t become too top heavy.

  • MaElena Rodriguez says:

    I think your trees are beautiful and I love your enthusiasm. I believe you could also try using smaller beads, that way you have more flexibility and less stress on your circle. And also, don’t stress on much on the circle being perfectly round, if it is off “kilter” somewhat, that just makes it look more original and handmade. Best to you, your creativity, your efforts, and your success.

  • Trees are never perfect just as life isn’t. I love the look of your trees, they’re quite unique.

  • Roxanna says:

    Your trees are very nice. Like someone said earlier I also use pre circled. I use earring rounds that I bought at a craft store.

  • Cecilia Zanelli says:

    I think that for your first efforts, your trees came out very well Clare, especially the necklace. First of all, I wouldn’t worry too much about their being perfect; the beauty of something you make is that a little imperfection shows that it was really handmade. I have been making trees of life for several years now, and mine are usually quite large & not always perfectly round, and they sell quite well. I would only suggest that for earrings you use seed beads or very small beads to obtain a lighter look, and yes, spread out your roots a bit.

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