Hearts of Wire Jewelry

by Zoraida.
(Patchogue, New York USA)

zoraida heart themed necklace

An older piece with brass, copper and red jasper

I never used to like heart themed jewelry, perhaps it’s because it’s been so played out. But lately, I find myself creating jewelry designs around this timeless motif.

copper heart with amethyst chain

Necklace with Amethyst chain

Either I’m giving in or beginning to appreciate it. Whichever it is, others seem to like it, it seems to sell and think it’s grown on me. Here are a few pieces of jewelry I’ve made, old and new using hearts.

Detail of a recent heart themed necklace

Detail of a recent heart themed necklace

bronze heart with copper and corals beads

My latest heart of bronze wire with copper beads and coral


Zoraida Jewelry
Zoraida Jewelry at Artfire

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