Small Pieces of the Rainbow in a Pendant

by Izelle Venter.
(South Africa)

Small Pieces of the Rainbow in a Pendant by Izelle Venter  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Set of Alcohol Ink jewellry

This journey with little pieces of the rainbow started as an experiment.

I started working with metal ( Aluminium) as Pewter became too expensive, and was looking for some colour on the Aluminium.

Small Pieces of the Rainbow in a Pendant by Izelle Venter  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Embossed metal with Alcohol Ink

Dee, my friend from the Craftshop, introduced me to Alcohol Ink (AI) and for me it is the most wonderful medium to work with, stubborn,unpredictable and challenging.

Small Pieces of the Rainbow in a Pendant by Izelle Venter  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Collage of my Jewellry

Well, me and AI are the best of friends, and AI does allow me to make wonderful jewelry, all of them covered with a glass dome….xxx.

Izelle Venter

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  • Izelle, such glorious colors! Alcohol Ink creates wonderful colors, and you have fashioned many beautiful, colorful pieces that are eye catching! Thank you for sharing your rainbows.

  • Izelle Venter says:

    Thank you Rena,I love working with AI, mainley on metal
    Kind Regards

  • Lynn says:

    I have never worked with AI before but after seeing these beautiful works of art I’m going to the store ASAP to get some! Great job

  • Moogie says:

    Wow, your jewelry pieces are so colorful! I love color. 🙂
    I just happened to be playing with my alcohol inks lately. I used them to color a brass cuff that had been stamped with a flower design. I sealed it with Multi Medium & plan to glue tiny flatbacks in the centers of some of the flowers for a little added sparkle.
    Alcohol inks are so vivid. They also dry very fast. If you use the blending solution with them, it keeps them workable for a bit longer. If they dry out, adding blending solution will rehydrate them & make them useable. As a matter of fact, that’s a good way to make them more portable. Just apply some drops into the wells of a palate, let them dry, put in a zip bag & bring blending solution & your brush or swabs. When you’re ready to use them, apply a few drops of blending solution & you’ve got usable alcohol inks! I learned this from the many videos I watched on YouTube.
    Happy Coloring!

  • Kathy Zee says:

    I absolutely love the jewelry pieces you are creating. They are so bright and happy …vibrant colors that blend so well together. Your jewelry is beautiful.

  • What color was the alumium? Silver colored? Your colors are so vivid. Very nice!

  • Debbie says:

    Love this! Are you using glass cabochons in your examples to protect the inked pieces? I imagine resin would also work, perhaps?

  • Lovely work. I noticed you said you glazed them. Does the glaze protect against fading. I have taken a few workshops in Al & fading was a very big topic.. spraying with UV protectant recommended.
    Just wondering.

  • Michele C. says:

    I’ve sealed with acrylic gloss medium which self-levels, but it tends to turn bright pinks/magenta to orange. Sometimes the effect works, but it isn’t the look I’m aiming for. I will try Tim Holz’s sealer instead.

  • Louise says:

    Hi Izelle fellow Saffa, I visited your fb page Zelobilia. I love the work you do with alcohol ink. I recently mixed some myself using alcohol and khoki’s as I could not find any in the shops, but haven’t tried them out yet.I see you live in George, I’m in Cape Town.Please check out my page Lulu’s Loot my work is mainly wire wrapping, and I also love painting glass stones with nailpolish to make a cabachon. Hope to hear from you x

  • Izelle Venter says:

    Well,as a rule Aluminium / Shim will have a silver colour.
    Most of the time the coloured ones are very thin and unworkable the way I use it.

  • Izelle Venter says:

    Dannie,I love the glass domes,they ‘play’ with coloured.
    Personally I do not like resin,especially the odor!? And for the Jewellry,it’s too ‘flat’

  • Izelle Venter says:

    Thank you Lynn.
    I hope you get hold of some AI.
    I do not use blending solution ( because of our R/$ exchange rate)
    I use the 91% Rubbing Alcohol for every thing.
    If you can get hold of some patience and humor,buy the lot,you are going to need it,but it is worthwhile. Main thing….Enjoy…x

  • Izelle Venter says:

    Morning Fay. All I know and experience is that you do not use or put the articles with Alcohol Ink ,outside. It took me some time and money to find the ‘perfect glue/gel’ compatible with the AI and strong.
    During the few years I worked with AI,my things at home did not have any fading.

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