Acrylic Pouring Jewelry, Skin Deep

by Izelle Venter.
(George. South Africa)

Acrylic Pouring Jewelry, Skin Deep by Izelle Venter  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Acrylic pouring Skins Pendants

Staying in South Africa, we are used to things being multicoloured.

Acrylic pouring, making acrylic skins, using the skins to make jewelry – a lot of jewelry.

I made my pendants with alcohol ink, covering the ink in the bezel with a glass dome.

So after attending a class and came home with my own acrylic skins,I tried a few pendants, to see how it would look.

At one stage saw the ladies in the USA going for gold – and when getting to the U.S. in November,I will be able to see what are the newest trend(s).

My very few pendants made from acrylic skins, covered with glass domes.

Izelle Venter

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