Looking for Good Quality Jewelry Findings

by Dawn Carpino.

Looking for Good Quality Jewelry Findings  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I’m just starting out, have my first show in early November.

I have been buying most of my findings at Michaels and JoAnn’s but don’t feel they are good quality.

Everything there is made in China. Is this industry wide?

I bought a basic earwire finding mix and two of the wires broke when I went to add something, and on another one the finish was worn off.

I would like to use good quality findings and also would like to find a source or sources that don’t cost me a fortune as I haven’t made any money yet and just keep pouring it out.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I contacted them and they offered me a refund if I returned what I had bought but I had already used a lot of them.

I did suggest to them that they find a better supplier.

Dawn Carpino
Endless Possibilities

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