Perseverance, A Feminine Power Pendent

by Patricia C Vener.
(Connecticut USA)

Perseverance, A Feminine Power Pendent by Patricia C Vener  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Perseverance by Patricia C Vener

I decided to start a series of pendants based on the shaped peyote form that naturally folds over (or curls up, depending on use).

This was not the first one but it was the one that took the most effort as the larger beads are dense faceted pyrites and I needed to make the right amount of counterweight so the pendant would drape correctly.

One of the features of this series is that I have devised a one piece loop and bead toggle that makes varying the necklace length almost infinitely adjustable.

I have several images that unfortunately I have not yet processed, so I’m afraid there’s only the one to accompany this offering.

Patricia C Vener
Patricia C Vener
Patricia C Vener at Artwork Archive

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  • Patricia, this is such a lovely, graceful piece, gorgeously photographed. I love the color palette and the flow in this necklace and pendant.

  • This is exquisite and a real work of art. Congratulations on creating this piece. It is perfection.

  • Carole Sbordone says:

    Beautiful and unusual. Would love to hear more about your one piece bead and loop toggle!

  • Patricia C Vener says:

    Thank you! That’s one of the loveliest compliments I’ve ever received.

  • Patricia C Vener says:

    Ok, so imagine a short length of strung seed beads. At one end is a beaded loop. At the other end is a larger round bead. The necklace is made with long RAW sides. After draping the necklace, one just holds left and right sides of the necklace about the length desired, slip the loop part into both RAW loops at the same time and then pull the bead through the capturing loop. I need to process a photo of these clasps, don’t I.

  • Patricia C Vener says:

    Thank you Rena!

  • Chris Rehkop says:

    What a very classy, feminine design Patricia – bravo!

  • Deborah Rodriguez says:

    Everything about this necklace draws me in ! How much more wonderful to wear an original work of art that has been ingeniously created, than something off the rack. 5 stars !!!

  • Mary Dawn says:

    Well done! A work of art.

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