How Do You Clean Your Jewelry Between Shows?

by Maureen Bacon.

How Do You Clean Your Jewelry Between Shows?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I’m curious how everyone cleans there jewelry between shows, in particular sterling silver.

We do a weekly show and have a fairly big set up so we always transport necklaces on the busts to save set up time.

The silver tarnishes fast and every 2 weeks needs polishing.

This is time consuming and difficult because the price tags are on them.

Any suggestions?


Maureen Bacon

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  • Hi Maureen! Here are two posts that should help you.

    The first one is about prevention:
    Prevent Tarnish on Your Jewelry Inventory

    The second one is about removing tarnish:
    Jewelry Tarnished in Storage – Need Advice Please

    Be sure to read all the comments on each of those posts.

  • I store mine in plastic bags appropriately sized for the jewelry with anti tarnish strips, works great and they’re inexpensive, especially when you consider the time it takes to clean them!

  • I used to hit the buffing wheel or dip type cleaner every few weeks with all my stock until I got tired of the work. I recently bought a Speed Brite ionic cleaner and it works great! I use Dymo Thermal printed tags and they hold up well in the cleaner also.

    I’ve also recently picked up a small can of Everbrite to seal some of my work. I haven’t tried it out yet though.

  • Duane, thanks for sharing your cleaning methods. And I’d be interested to hear how the Everbrite works out for you.

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