Japan-Inspired Jewelry Packaging III: Chiyogami Paper Heirloom Gift Bags

by Karen.
(Eugene, Oregon, USA)

A bulk order of chiyogami paper bags

Some traditional patterns

With the zipper pull

Showing the eyelets and Japanese mizuhiki cord

This is the third of a three-part post on Japan-Inspired Jewelry Packaging ideas that I’ve developed for my jewelry business, Paper Demon Jewelry.

Paper Demon Jewelry is Modern jewelry from Japanese things.

My main inspiration for creating jewelry in the first place is the beauty of Japanese washi and chiyogami paper. I’ve been crazy about it for over 25 years, and crafting with it for all that time.

I adore my jewelry pieces, but sometimes I want to show off more of the paper itself. So, just recently I created the Paper Demon Jewelry Heirloom Gift Bag.

It is folded using a very simple bag fold that can be found here: Junk Mail Gift Bags. This wonderful tutorial uses junk mail, and I think that’s fantastic!!!

But I’m all about the chiyogami paper. So I use that.

I finish it by punching small holes and inserting metal eyelets, through which I knot handles out of Japanese mizuhiki cord, which is narrow rolled paper cord that comes in a myriad of colors, including sparkly red and silver and gold, as well as matte red and white and green.

You can imagine how much you can customize for the holidays!

I accent these with an optional Japanese zipper pull ornament for $4 extra. The bag is 4.5 inches high, and just right for jewelry!

Karen Kelsky
Paper Demon Jewelry blog
Paper Demon Jewelry on Etsy


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Chiyogami gift bags
by: Rena

How cool are these – made with authentic Japanese paper and even mizuhiki cord. Details like this are so impressive to customers. Your packaging is as much a part of the gift as the jewelry is!

Thanks so much for sharing this 3-part series with us – lots of great inspiration here!

gift bag out of junk mail
by: aileen

Very cute idea. I went to the project and could not find the template for the bag. Could you help in this?

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