How to Straighten Rubber Tubing?

How to Straighten Rubber Tubing?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

Does anyone have a tip for straightening tubing?

Thank you.


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  • Hi Carolyn, I think the key to relaxing the tubing is to warm it up. You might cut a length of the tubing for an experiment and try different ways of warming it – curling iron / flat iron, hot hair dryer, or other methods – until you get the result you want. Let us know what works!

  • hot water. boil water and use tongs to dip.

  • Carolyn says:

    I will try the hot water. Thought about microwaving but figured it would melt or burn.

  • Marilyn Hersey says:

    I make “straws” for my husband, who is a quadriplegic, out of tubing. I heat the tubing under very hot running water & shape it as desired. He just recently wanted to try a larger bore tubing which is much stiffer than the water-line -for -an -ice maker- tubing we usually use. He suggested using a heat gun to soften & shape it.

  • Marilyn and Hubby, thank you for sharing these rubber tubing techniques.

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