How to Attach a Brooch to Leather Cuff Bracelet?

by Karen Shelley.
(Grand Junction, CO)

How to Attach a Brooch to Leather Cuff Bracelet? - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

Any suggestions how to attach brooches to a leather cuff?

I don’t trust glue, and would like to hear of any tried and true methods.

Karen Shelley
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  • Sharon says:

    If the brooch still has the pin attached punch 2 small holes in the leather, side by side. Place the pin through the holes and lock in place. The pin can be removed and worn separately.

  • Jane Jennings says:

    I would wire it into place. Then cover the wire on the back with a patch of leather (with E 6000 glue) so the wire doesn’t scratch.

  • Judy Bjorkman says:

    Have you tried using rivets?

  • Rivets would be my choice and give a nice, professional finished aesthetic. They have great riveting tools for jewelry making. Best of luck. Make sure you come back and show it off!

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