Hosting a Jewelry Open House

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Hosting a jewelry open house for my work was a great way to invite some needed feedback from my demographic. It also allowed me to host an event without great expense.

It was a great way to seek out an honest critique not only of my work but also of my presentation and packaging – a critical step before launching my jewelry into shops and boutiques.

However, this grand open house had to look grand without the expense – a great opportunity to get creative!

Jewelry Open House Invitations
and Printed Items

In order to save money and stretch my dollar, I sent email invitations using my logo and information to practically everyone I knew who would be interested. This saved me a ton on postage and paper.

I learned how to take my own jewelry photos, a process which is still being perfected. I picked a motif for all of the signage and worked to keep it all consistent. I also took the time to create my own jewelry price tags and earring cards out of basic office supplies and a little ingenuity.

Shannon’s earring cards

The only item I paid to have printed was the business cards which I had designed myself using Photoshop and uploaded to an online printing company who had offered me a coupon, so I only paid $10 for 100 cards.

Secrets of an Elegant
but Cheap Presentation

I sought out my local dollar stores and bulk warehouses for fabric table cloths, flowers, and paper goods. The overall aesthetic was critical to the presentation.

The amazing power of bartering helped me out too. I borrowed tables and fabric from friends, used my own collection of vintage milk glass and frames, for both holding flowers and displaying my jewelry. I also enlisted the help of a friend who is looking into starting her own catering company and was willing to use my party as an experiment for her venture. I was able to trade custom jewelry creation for these services.

I set everything up in my dining room. I clipped the chandelier up, pushed the table to one side, set up my borrowed tables and covered them with my dollar store table cloth finds.

A scene from Shannon’s jewelry open house

I used my platters, bowls, cake stands and a cork board to hold the flowers and some other jewelry items. To top it off I lit it all with vintage lamps left in the basement from the previous home owner that I had cleaned. It looked great and allowed me to stretch my resources.

The Day of
the Jewelry Open House

The event went really well, my friend’s chocolates were tasty and gorgeous, and the crowd and profit offered more than I expected.

I also received both sincere thoughts and constructive criticism. The general feeling was incredibly positive and excited to see the direction my creative ventures are taking me. Through this process I also discovered friends who are photographers, packaging designers, boutique store owners and other great resources for networking that will help me with my next projects!

I really felt successful, and hosting my own jewelry open house has given me the ideas I needed to move towards the next great leap.

Author Shannon Orr’s JM Studio Solutions has evolved into a multi-faceted company, offering a fresh perspective to already existing spaces and materials. Visit Shannon’s blog, Mastering the Art of Being Me.

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