Have a Jewellery Party with Your Mum’s Friends

by Michelle.
(Auckland, New Zealand)

One of my designs

Mums, if we are lucky enough to have one around, are usually THE best advocate of our jewellery!

I had my mum organise a jewellery party for 12 of her friends. They all came and all bought at least one item each, with a total spend of around $600 for 2 hrs of the party, which is great when you consider the hours we have to put in for markets and show stands!

Because Mum always wears my jewellery, everyone knew what quality it was and how much it would cost, so were prepared with how much they wanted to spend, and what kinds of things they were looking for.

Mums of course want us to do well, and are great at convincing others to buy our jewellery.

The ladies have all ordered things for other family members for Christmas as well, so it was a fantastic outcome.

Sisters, best friends, friends from your sporting or social clubs, school mums, your kids teachers, your boss, etc. are also great targets for jewellery parties.

Remember, always start with who you know first. They will always be your best customers and sources of referrals!

So thanks as always Mums, we love you!!

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We Get by with a Little Help from Our Friends!
by: Rena Klingenberg


I so agree that if we have supportive friends and family, success is that much easier!

My mom has never been a jewelry-wearing person, but she is the first one to mention my work to people.

She does have a collection of pieces I’ve made for her, but saves them for “special occasions” (so I’m sure people must think I’m so mean I never make jewelry for her since she’s rarely seen wearing it – LOL!).

But she’s right there helping and supporting me every way she can, short of wearing my jewelry! :o)


Friends & co-workers can also be like family!
by: Laura

Great idea – my mom is also incredibly supportive of me and wears my jewelry all the time.

I still have my day-job and before Christmas and Mother’s Day, I take a bunch of pieces of jewelry into my office and set up a display.

Over about 2 hours of lunchtime +, I make as much as I do at a normal art show! My coworkers and friends love having an easy way to shop and get custom unique gifts for the family & friends.

I also do custom orders, and usually end up with a few follow-up custom orders after my “Office Lunch Show” as well.

Doing jewelry parties is a great idea!

— Laura

Take Your Work to Work!
by: Cindy

I’m new to the jewelry making/selling business. Just started in 2008. I started by taking my work along to work and selling to the women there. They all kept asking me when I was bringing my entire inventory back. So this past Christmas I organized a “Christmas Market” at work during two days (lunch hours only) and invited other small business owners I work with (Mary Kay, etc) to join in. Not only was it one of my best shows, but everyone else made big bucks too! My company is made up of 90% men (engineers) and they bought Christmas gifts for their SO’s, plus I got a couple custom orders. Selling to people I work with was a great beginning and boosted my confidence that I CAN actually do this!

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