Home Jewelry Shows

by Gina.
(Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, USA)

I have had pretty good success with an open house style show at my home around the holiday, and people have asked me to do home parties, but I feel I couldn’t do more than 1 or 2 per year because of not being able to keep up with the inventory.

I’m not too crazy about special orders, although I do take a few of those here and there. I have a day job (ugh), so my time for my love of jewelry designing is somewhat limited.

Any suggestions on this?



Join Forces
by: Heidi

There are so many creative people out there, perhaps you can collaborate with other designers.

In my area, there are a few jewelry designers and also women selling beautiful scarves. You could offer to promote their products as well for a portion of the proceeds.

It brings little to no risk to them. Just make sure you don’t have to purchase their products to do the show. Perhaps pick it up for the show and drop it off directly after?

Good Idea
by: Gina

Thanks, Heidi. I like that idea!

Collaboration is great
by: Anonymous

I do a home show with my friend every year and it’s great. She has a studio in town, I do the postcards for advertising (I can get them cheap from vistaprint)and we split the cost of snacks. It works out great. At first I thought we would be competing for $$ because we both make jewelry, but because hers is glass and mine is beaded/mixed media, I think it works out.

Bring other Designers
by: Maelinde

Like Heidi suggested, join forces with other designers. Perhaps those who create items that are different from yours, yet complement your product line. Limit to no more than 3 other designers so as to not overwhelm the customers.

Have these other designers there at the party so that customers can ask them any questions that might come up, and so that orders are taken directly from each designer to alleviate any issues.

You might also want to offer up a discount for the customers who purchase something from each vendor – work out the discount with the other designers ahead of time – to encourage more sales for all.

Good luck and please share your experiences!

home shows
by: Laurie

I always bring my beads (which travel in plastic divided containers stacked in a large luggage bag on wheels). And my tool box with findings, silver wire and tools. This way I can do on the spot customs. If I’m too busy at the show, or the piece is larger, they still love picking out their own stones and I put it all together with a custom order form and then mail or deliver within a week of the show. If you do this, make sure you bring someone along to help you with sales and packaging.

good luck 🙂

Small world
by: Drake

Wow, small world.

I live in Akron, Ohio, right on the border of Cuyahoga Falls. I’ve also been wanting to start doing home jewelry shows, but don’t feel like I have enough inventory yet to be able to do one.

Silver is so expensive that I’ve been working in copper a lot lately, trying to build up an inventory so I can start showing. But I really have no idea how much material I should have ready to go for a particular show.

Maybe some kind of joint show would be a good idea (assuming we work in different styles). You can email me at drake@caminusvulcani.com

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