Make a Price List for Your Jewelry Making Parties

by Rena Klingenberg.

Make a Price List for Your Jewelry Making Parties, by Rena Klingenberg, Jewelry Making Journal

When you offer jewelry making parties, it’s handy to have a price list for customers to see what kinds of projects are available to them, and the price of each piece they make.

Here’s what my jewelry making party price list looks like. I’ve blanked out the prices since you’ll need to calculate your own pricing anyway.


(I know the text is a bit hard to read in this photo, so I’ve typed it out for you below the image):

The Text of This
Jewelry Making Party Price List:

Make Your Own Beautiful Gemstone Jewelry!

Fun Workshops and Home Parties for Bead Jewelry Making

Price List

Party hostesses design and make $15 of jewelry FREE . . . plus 15% discount after that!


  • with sterling silver French earwires
  • with 14/20 gold-filled French earwires
  • with sterling silver leverback earwires
  • with 14/20 gold-filled leverback earwires

Bracelets & Anklets

  • stretch bracelet
  • clasp bracelet with sterling silver toggle or lobster clasp
  • clasp anklet with sterling silver toggle or lobster clasp


  • 16″ to 18″ leather cord with sterling silver toggle clasp and pendant(s)
  • up to 36″ adjustable leather cord with pendant(s)
  • sterling silver chain lariat necklace with pendant(s)
  • bead necklace with sterling silver clasp (priced per inch of beads)
  • “Grow up with Me” baby / child bead necklace, adjustable from 14″ to 16″


  • with beaded band and sterling silver toggle clasp

Other Treasures

  • wineglass charms on sterling silver hoops, set of 6

I would love to help you design and make any other special bead project!

Gift Certificates Available in Any Amount

(photo of beads)

(your name)
Jewelry Art & Bead Workshops
email – phone number – website URL

Using Your
Jewelry Making Party Price List

Of course, your price list will feature the types of jewelry projects you prefer to teach.

And you may even decide to create and provide an assortment of kits for each project, instead of having the guests choose their beads and components from your stash.

(Whenever you let people select their own beads, some people take a very long time to look at all the available beads and make their choices!)

I hand out my price lists at the beginning of every jewelry making party, so the guests can start deciding which project(s) they’d like to work on. Also, everyone appreciates knowing up front how much each project will cost.

I’ve also held several jewelry making workshops that are “open studio” style – where instead of having everyone create on the same project, the participants can choose their own projects from my price list.

More Success Tips
for Jewelry Making Parties:

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Rena Klingenberg


Thanks for posting this!
by: Karen

ONce again I find my questions answered here before I even know to ask them! Thank you for posting this price list and also all of the flyers you’ve done for your own parties and shows. It’s very helpful to have examples to look at to get started on making mine.

How do you know what to charge for each item?
by: Tina

I am interested in having jewelry making parties. How do you know what price to charge for each item that a guest can make at the party? Is there a formula that you used?
Thank for your help.

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