How to make Faux Christmas Candy Earrings

by Mihaela Georgescu.

Faux-Christmas-Candy-Earrings by Mihaela Georgescu  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

I’m a reader of the Jewelry Making Journal and it’s the first time that I submit a photo of my work.

I like to keep an eye on how to make wire jewelry, even though I specialize in making polymer clay jewelry.

But I truly think you can marry wire and clay very well.

These earrings are an attempt to do just that: put clay and wire together in a beautiful way.

More about these jewelry pieces:

Christmas is always a beautiful inspiration.

And all the anticipation, the preparations as well as brainstorming for Christmas ideas are part of the fun.

I’ve used Christmas red polymer clay and pearlescent clay (a clay with a pearl-like shimmer) to make these Christmas candy inspired earrings.

I’ve also used a polymer clay technique that’s called a caning (or making a clay cane) – which is like creating a pattern inside a block of clay and every time to cut a slice from this block of clay, you’ll have that repeatable pattern in those slices.

I used 20 gauge silver color wire to make the ear wires and I have to say that I like how these little guys turned out.
Have a beautiful day!

Mihaela Georgescu
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