How to Make a Strong Beaded Bracelet

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Here are some tips on how to make a strong, high quality, handmade beaded bracelet that will last for years.

Green lampwork beaded bracelet by Brenda New

Use High Quality
Stringing Material

First, in order to make a strong beaded bracelet, it’s important to make certain that you’re using the best components available.

I use either Soft Flex or Beadalon in 49-strand, medium strength for most of my bracelets. If you’re using beads with small holes such as with some pearls, you may have to use the lighter 19-strand weight. In any case, use the strongest, highest-strand stringing material that will fit the holes in your beads.

Don’t use fishing line or nylon string to make durable bracelets. Use nylon coated stainless steel.

Be Careful
Not to String too Tightly

The second tip to making a strong beaded bracelet is to make certain that you are not stringing your handcrafted beaded bracelet too tight to prevent it from being pliable. Make certain that your bracelet isn’t too stiff when you bend it in a circle, prior to crimping the crimp bead.

Yet another way to alleviate breakage of your handmade beaded bracelet is to make certain that the loop you create beyond the crimp bead that goes through the clasp is not too small or tight. Your clasp should move freely to prevent stress and friction on the stringing material, which over time could cause your bracelet to break.

Protect the Stringing Wire

Use a wire guardian to protect the stringing material if your clasp has a sharp or 90-degree edge where the stringing material passes through.

Bali Beauty beaded bracelet by Brenda New

Size the Bracelet to the Wearer

Another way to reduce strain on your handmade beaded bracelet is to make certain that it’s the correct size for the person wearing it.

If the bracelet is too tight, it will place unecessary stress on the bracelet. This is especially true when the bracelet has a toggle clasp, and the wearer has to try to pull the bar end through the round part of the clasp.

The proper way to find the correct bracelet size is to measure the wrist and add 1 1/2 inches. If using large beads (10mm or greater) you may need to add length to accommodate the large bead diameter.

Choose Crimp Beads Carefully
and Use Them Correctly

Finally, use high quality crimp beads that are the correct size. I usually use 2mm sterling silver or 14K goldfill crimps.

Use a crimping tool properly to secure the crimp bead. Don’t “smash” the crimp bead after crimping, because this will cause additional stress and friction on the stringing material.

Caring for a Beaded Bracelet

Lastly, take care of your handcrafted beaded bracelet. Try not to wear it during sports where it can get caught on something and break.

I suggest not getting chemicals on your beads that might damage or stain them, especially pearls. I remove my bracelets while housecleaning or doing dishes.

Also, please don’t use silver dip to clean your jewelry. Use a jewelry cloth. To inhibit tarnishing I keep my silver and gold jewelry in small, closed zip locked plastic bags.

If you follow these steps and suggestions, you will be certain that your handcrafted beaded bracelets can be worn for many years.

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