Do You Use Clam Shell Bead Tips or Crimp Tubes and Covers?

by Amanda Thompson.

Do You Use Clam Shell Bead Tips or Crimp Tubes and Covers?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I got back into jewelry making last year after needing to make a career change due to some health problems (I was a nonprofit director working 70+ hour weeks with a lot of stress).

One of the first necklaces I made was for my mom to wear to a party she was hosting. Fortunately it was a hit and held up through the night, but it broke when she took it off. I was so glad it was my mom and not a future customer!

I realized I had become pretty rusty (like some of my pliers) on my beading skills, especially because I have been focusing on working with metal and those exiting challenges.

I was wondering if anyone uses the clam shell bead tips and when they are best appropriate for use.

I have been doing very light weight necklaces and wondered if that was an option or if I should continue to use crimp tubes and covers. Also, does anyone ever use the clam shell bead tips over a crimp? Maybe that is not suggested. Just curious.

Thanks for the helpful information.

Amanda Thompson

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