Attempt at Wire Wrapping Bangles

by Kathy Zee.
(Fiddletown, CA)

Attempt at Wire Wrapping Bangles by Kathy Zee  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Three of the bracelets: one with off white beads, one with silver chain, one with blue beads

I bought some silver and gold bangle bracelets and thought they would be cute wire wrapped with small beads. So using 26 G artistic non tarnish wire I attempted to make some of them.

Here is my first attempt at doing this. The hardest part of doing this is keeping the beads straight and keeping the wire from kinking.

Attempt at Wire Wrapping Bangles by Kathy Zee  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Green Czech beads 4mm with artistic 26 G wire and thin bangle used as a base.

I have a wire straightener tool so that helps. Takes the kinks out as you use quite a bit of wire to wrap it.

Attempt at Wire Wrapping Bangles by Kathy Zee  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Blue glass beads, 4mm. They were a stretchy bracelet and i re-used the beads to do this

I did have to re-do one bracelet because I broke a glass bead and had to redo the whole thing. Do you like these?

Attempt at Wire Wrapping Bangles by Kathy Zee  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

I used large ball chain and wrapped around each ball with 26 G wire. This was more difficult to space out

Kathy Zee
ZeeBlings by Kathy Zee
ZeeBlings by Kathy Zee on Facebook

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  • Kathy, I love seeing your variations when you create a design! Your wirework is so even and precise on these bracelets. And to answer your question – I love them! 🙂

  • Kathy Zee says:

    Thanks Rena. I am getting addicted to making them. And i am glad you like them. I am going to try to make a few with a center stone. I will post those after i get them made. So glad we have a place to show off our ideas. I am sure i am not the only one who has done this, but i could not find a tutorial so just taught myself how to do it. I say if you have an idea, go for it! (:

  • Colleen says:

    I really like these and the colors you used. I’ve often seen these and wanted to attempt them. I like how you can stack them with other bracelets. Did you have a problem with the beads slipping off to the side or did they stay in place pretty well.

  • Kathy Zee says:

    Coleen, the beads stay on top and don’t slide to the side because when i wrap them, each bead is wire wrapped three wraps, and pretty tight so they do stay in place. Also i constantly pull the beads against each other so when it’s all done they are on top, tight, and stay put. Glad you like them. I am making them in many colors. I find the Czech 4mm beads work the best and look the best.

  • Colleen says:

    Thanks for the tips Kathy!

  • Nicole Green says:

    I love them! The beads are beautiful and appropriate in size. I also have to say that you take really nice pictures of your work.

  • Kathy Zee says:

    Hi Nicole, I am so happy that you like the bracelets and thank you for the compliment on the pictures. I use a Sony Cybershot camera, very reasonably priced (abut $130) or under. And i still use Picasa to size them, crop them, make lighter or darker etc. I am not into the latest and greatest technology so keep using what i am familiar with.

  • Karen says:

    Those are lovely!

  • Christine Rehkop says:

    I really like your wrapped bracelet designs Kathy! I haven’t tried that with cuff bracelets, but have done something similar wrapping leather with ball chain or beads.

  • Judith says:

    These bracelets do a wonderful job of showing off Czech glass, one of my favorite materials. They are appealingly delicate and summery. Who wouldn’t like them?! I especially like the colored ones. Curious: By wire straightener tool, do you mean rubber-jawed flat nose pliers or something else? I would love to find a solution to mangled fine wire!

  • Kathy Zee says:

    I have not tried this with leather but I think that would be awesome. Please post some of those in the next JMJ newsletter. Would love to see those.

  • Kathy Zee says:

    Judith, since i use artistic non tarnish wire, i use the Artistic wire nylon pliers. They have a purple handle and you can get them on Amazon or probably any bead store carries it.. I don’t know what i would do without that tool. When i get a kink, and i do…i hold the wire with regular pliers and use the artistic wire nylon ones to straighten it out. If you email me i can send you a picture. This tool straightens out any wire that i have used. They run from $7-12.00 or so. Hope that helps.

  • Michele says:

    I think those are great for first attempt! I’ve been trying to do some wire wrapping but nothing close to what yours look like. Lol
    Wire wrapping isn’t for everyone I don’t think but you definitely have a skill for it. Would love to see more of your future work. Good luck!

  • Kathy Zee says:

    Thanks Michele for the comment. I want to make alot of these for the fall shows that i do, and i have darker colored beads and silver and gold too. But i want to try some with leather and maybe put a stone in the center. I will try to post any new ones that i make.

  • Judith says:

    Kathy, thanks so much for the info. I meant nylon jaw. I actually learned that way of using them from another poster here. It works so much better than just holding the wire in your hand.

  • Andrea says:

    I agree with Rena! I love how you were able to get everything so even and smooth. I think they’re great! Nice work!

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