Creative Simply Beadiful Jewelry Display

by Paula Hisel.
(Nicholasville, KY)

As my interest in doing jewelry shows and craft fairs continued to grow, I found it harder to display my growing number of necklaces without overwhelming the customers.

After several attempts to find a display that worked for me, I finally came up with a tri-fold pegboard display that allowed me to display all of my jewelry comfortably.

The panels were painted in a bright color, capturing the potential customer’s attention.

I used small cabinet hinges to attach the panels together, which gives the panels flexibility as well as makes for easy set-up and tear down.

Also, the pegboard’s holes make it possible to display twice the jewelry (both on the front and back).

I used scrapbooking paper to make hanging tags (which conveniently displayed our business information and price) and Christmas ornament hooks to hang them.

All in all, I was very pleased with the way that my displays turned out. And it was a fun way to get my husband involved in my business.


Paula Hisel
Simply Beadiful


Fabulous, Paula!
by: Rena

What a clever, versatile idea – and look at how many necklaces and bracelets you can display within a small footprint of table space.

I’m sure the vertical display helps increase your sales too.

Great inspiration on using Christmas ornament hooks for the hangers!

You and your hubby make a fantastic team. :o)

Thank you for taking the time to share your great jewelry display idea, Paula!

Nice display
by: Killasutti

Very good display, you show your pieces very nice. Thanks for sharing.
Great! Wind Resistant?
by: Anonymous

How wind resistant is the display? I do outdoor shows and finding tools that don’t blow down in a breeze is helpful.

sturdy in wind
by: Susan B.

I think that three long blocks of wood with a deep routed crevice just wide enough for the peg board to slide in would make it very sturdy for a windy day. It would still easily come apart and wouldn’t be that much more to carry.

display sturdiness
by: paula hisel

I realized after I posted the article that I didn’t mention the support blocks! I did in fact make the kind of blocks with crevices you suggested. One for each end and one for the middle. The holes help the wind travel through it so it is fairly sturdy. However you just have to make sure that the blocks are heavy and wide enough to keep it steady.

nice display
by: Dee

I was at a show this weekend and a woman used something very similar. It was a wonderful way to display her necklaces and the customer didn’t have to keep looking down. great idea and nice project you and your husband worked on together. My biggest problem this weekend was the wind!!

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