Custom Embellishments Jewelry Display

by Jennifer Patrow.
(Cottage Grove, MN)

Custom Embellishments Jewelry Booth

This is my third try at an elegant professional jewelry display.

I had custom table cloths made by a by a fellow seller on They are made from a damask fabric and are fitted and quite heavy (and hard to fold).

I also have the banner, (made of silk) by an Etsy seller. I have used lighted shelves to add elegance.

Jennifer Patrow
Custom Embellishments Jewelry


What a Great Thought . . .
by: Rena

to use the products and services of Etsy vendors!

I don’t think that would have occurred to me – but it’s a nice way to support other handcrafters / home businesspeople, and they are likely to understand the needs of fellow crafters!

Thanks so much for sharing your professional-looking booth, and your great ideas, Jennifer!


Creative display
by: moondogtreasures

You’ve proven that you can do a great deal w/ a small amount of space. Nice job.

I Wonder if …
by: Helene

Hiya, Jennifer. You mention that your skirts are heavy and hard to fold. Have you tried rolling them onto an industrial cardboard roll ~ like the ones used for bolts of fabric at Joann’s or Fabricland, ….? Slip a plastic sleeve over it to keep it clean and safe while travelling.

What’s neat about rolling it is that you don’t need to worry about fold lines and, if you’ve done a decent job of rolling it up, the Wrinkle Gremlin can be kept at bay.

Well, that’s just what I think.
Helene ~

by: Anonymous


Packaging has to be maintained properly so that there will not be any problem at the time of shipping of goods.
Specially in case of volatile goods.

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