How to Convert a Bolo Tie to a Necklace?

by Joan.
(Denver, CO)

How to Convert a Bolo Tie to a Necklace?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

Does anyone have any experience or tips on how I might convert men’s bolo ties into women’s necklaces?

Thank you,

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  • Hi Joan! I have two ideas.

    Idea 1: What if you slide the bolo tie’s pendant (the sliding focal clasp) down to the ends of the bolo cord, instead of wearing the pendant up near the throat as it’s usually worn? That would make it look more like a necklace than like a bolo tie. You might even find (or create) other sliding pendants to replace the one that originally came with the bolo tie.

    Idea 2: Slide the pendant to the bottom of the cord ends as I mentioned above – but then wear the sliding pendant at the back of your neck, like the sliding pendant is a fancy necklace clasp. Then you could put a regular pendant (attached by a jump ring) on what would now be the front & center part of the cord.

    I hope this helps! 🙂

  • Joybelle says:

    Hello Joan,
    If the focal piece is removable, you could add large hole beads onto the cording and replace the focal piece. I would add enough beads to accent the piece and not take away from the focal (i.e. maybe 6-8 on either side)

    You could slide the bolo focal piece to the middle, then wonky wire wrap above and below it but leave enough room at the top to hang on a chain as a long pendant.

    Or just below its focal piece add wire that has beads/gems on them, then wrap to the end. This would give you room to put the bolo over the head. I imagine this looking like a lariat.

    Hope you can see my visions. Send us a picture.

  • Joybelle, great ideas! 🙂

  • Vicki says:

    You could shorten the bolo cord, thread it through the bolo focal from the bottom up towards the top, so there is no cord hanging down below at all. Put your clasp on the ends of the cord, and you have a pendant necklace.
    The focal would be at the center front.

  • Joan Turnell says:

    Thanks – Great ideas! I’m trying all of them.

  • Joan, I’d love to see how you wind up making your bolo necklaces!

  • amanda thompson says:

    It depends on if you want to keep all the components or change them up. One thing that I have been making is pendants with a bolo slide on the back and making braided cord to feed through and hang them on. You could also attach the bolo slide to a kumihimo cord. There are a lot of options

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