Amethyst Diode Pendant

by Miriam Laister.
(Normanville, South Australia)

Amethyst Diode Pendant by Miriam Laister  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

While on holiday we came across a small gemology shop.

Among the odds and ends for sale I found a small piece of amethyst diode.

My husband polished the back and I freehand wire-wrapped the piece.

Miriam Laister

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  • Absolutely gorgeous stone and setting, Miriam! The silver wrap goes particularly well with the shape and color of the diode. A stunning piece to wear!

  • Mary Haven says:

    My favourite stone. Beautiful work.

  • Rita Muller says:

    I love it Miriam! One of my favorite stones. This reminds me I have one I need to wrap. Thank you for sharing.

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