A Question About Scrimps and EZ-Crimps

by Jules.

A Question About Scrimps and EZ-Crimps  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I have a question about ez-crimps and scrimps.

Has anyone used them and what was your experience?

Has anyone used bead bandits?

The ez-crimps , scrimps, and bead bandits all seem like good products to address crimping issues, but I don’t see many jewelry makers using them.

Any thoughts?

Thank you.


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  • Michele Counihan says:

    I find scrimps too small to handle. I have some neuropathy in my fingers from chemotherapy 19 years ago, and I tend to drop small things especially if i have to twist or manipulate the a lot. I’m okay with crimp beads.

  • Carol Fowler says:

    Hi Jules,

    Great question. I wonder that too. I picked up some packages of scrimps at a bead rummage. Still haven’t opened them.

    These look like a great idea, so why aren’t people using them?

    Carol Fowler

  • Jules says:

    Thank you for your reply, Michele.
    I’m so glad you are still able to do what you love!

  • Jules says:

    Hi Carol,
    So glad to know I’m not the only one with the question. 😉 I’ve searched and searched online , and these products just aren’t seen in jewelers work. Makes me wonder if they just haven’t caught on …you know, we stick with what works. But these products seem like the answer to crimping issues, and then a crimp cover, etc. hmmmmm.

  • Clydeen says:

    I’m not familiar with scrimps. Who makes them/where can I find them?

  • Tracy says:

    Same question as Clydeen! What in the world are scrimps?? Very curious!!

  • Kate (Kathleen) says:

    Hi Jules, yes I have just bought some Bandits and I think they are so easy to use and so neat. Haven’t used either of the others you have mentioned so will scroll through the other replies. Hope you find one to your liking.

  • Stephanie says:

    I love scrimps, especially since they now make them prettier and you can get round ones that look just like beads. I found them to hold much better with heavier necklaces and bracelets. I do not use crimps at all as I found them very difficult to get to hold with any kind of stress on the necklace or bracelet.

  • Jules says:

    Hi Clydeen,
    Scrimps are little barrels with a screw…you insert the beading wire and then screw it down…you need the little screwdriver ….it comes in a little set. Also, there are now round ones that look just like a bead.
    No crimping, no beadcovers! I think wire guards are still recommended. Beadalon is the brand I know of. Maybe check online.

  • Jules says:

    Hi Tracy,
    Please see reply to Clydeen. 😉

  • Jules says:

    Hi Kathleen,
    Oh ! Thank you for reply about the bead bandits. Knowing that others have tried these products helps a lot.

  • Jules says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    So good to know that you like the scrimps!

  • I use bead bandits on my pricier pieces as I believe it brings a classy,finished look. It mostly depends on the piece as some bead styles,especially the smaller beads, look better crimped,covered, and with a wire guardian.

  • Jules says:

    Thank you Kathleen.
    I’m glad to know some designers are using these products.

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