Turquoise and Violet

by Cristina Gualtierotti.

My favourite colours are turquoise and violet. Sometimes ago I texturized a copper disk and patinated it with a violet colour. I left the disk for a future project.

CGualtierotti: Turquoise and Violet

After somedays I decided to colour the flower and the butterfly component. After other some days I tried to overlap the flower and the butterfly to the copper disk and I told to myself: Oh yes I really like this combination of colours and I finished it in a big pendant for a necklace.

CGualtierotti: Turquoise and Violet 2

So that it was born my “serendipity project”!

Cristina Gualtierotti

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Cristina! I’ve always loved that vibrant color combination, too, and you have brought it to beautiful life in your stunning creation!

  2. I love this color combination. It is so vibrant and eye catching!

  3. Hello Linda,
    great thanks from the deep of my heart for your kind appreciation which gives me a lot of happiness!
    I have seen your nice Etsy shop and I send to you all my complimentes for your wonderful jewels.


  4. Hi Sarah,
    huge thanks for your very kind appreciation.
    I have seen in your nice Etsy shop that exactly as me you like horses, star fish , turquoises…
    Nice meeting you


  5. Oh, Cristina, this combination of purple and turquoise is simply breathtaking. I agree with Linda and Sarah, it’s vibrant and must be very striking on the size of this big pendant. And I think serendipity projects are often the best ones! 🙂

  6. So beautiful! The colors really complement each other.

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