Simple Bracelet Display

by Andrea.
(Denver, Colorado USA)

I wanted something to hold my own bracelets and I came across this office folder filer at the thrift store. I turned it on its back and it lets me see all my bracelets clearly.

These are usually black, but this clear one is perfect for a show display as customers would be able to see many ‘views’ of the piece.

You could use several on a table and because they’re clear, they won’t interfere with a color scheme. I paid .99 for this one.


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  1. Thanks for sharing, so simple but yet so cool. I’ll be doing this at my next show.

  2. That’s great! I’m always looking at office supplies, in fact, everything around me, trying to see how I can use the item as a jewelry display. Thanks for sharing your idea!

  3. Thank you both! You can also put them back to back (which would really be bottom to bottom or there is also a larger size that hold 11 X 14 legal size folders.

  4. This is a great idea. I have one of those hanging around too. I’m putting it in my box.

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