Bracelet Weeping Willow

by Christina Miles.

Weeping Willow Bracelet Display

I was out and about one day and I stopped by Aaron Brothers and took a look around the store to see if there was anything I absolutely had to have.

I saw this display piece which is designed to hang photos from. The light instantly came on and I knew exactly what I was going to do to create this into part of my display.

I really needed something for my bracelets. I have one piece already which I will share later on, but I needed something that would be better.

So, this is my creation! It reminds me so much of a weeping willow and that is why I named it so.

Close up of troll…

I made this not so cute fairy on the top. I say not so cute because I really don’t think she is cute, she is more like a troll… hehehe. But I do like her a lot.

So, to tell you how I recreated this is so simple.

I spray painted it black and added glitter while the paint was wet.

Let it dry and glued rhinestones on the end of each clip.

Then I thought it would be even more interesting with a little fairy on top. So I made her from polymer clay sitting on a polymer mushroom.

I added moss on the base and some moss on the top, and put the fairy on top of that… DONE… it was fast and easy and lots of fun to create.

If anybody is interested in a step by step instructions on how to make it let me know and I will do one up and put it up on my blog.

Thanks for checking it out!

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by: Terri Wlaschin

Love that you repurposed this item to fit your needs and then added your stamp to make it unique!

Great Idea
by: Andrew

Love how it truly does drape, it has a sweeping motion that makes it look like it is moving!
Handmade Artists’ Forum

Thank You
by: Chris

Thank you both very much. I made a few little changes to the look, put the little creature on the bottom and put an old flower looking earring on the top.

Willow and fairy
by: Rena

I really like this – the bracelets become willow boughs, and the cute little homely fairy is a fun, appealing touch! (Also, I would bet that you’ll have people asking to buy the fairy!)

Your WebSite
by: Joan

Your website is amazing. I just want to let you know that the word “jewelry” is misspelled … “jewerly” is on the home page. You might want to correct the spelling.

Thank You
by: Chris

Joan, you are the best….thanks so much for telling me! Dang Flash 8 doesn’t have spell check…LOL

And thank you for the compliment!



Where do I get the basic photo stand
by: Anonymous

Where can I get the “willow” stand?

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