Chris’ Recycled Timber Bracelet and Earring Display

by Chris.
(Loch, Vic, Australia)

I enjoyed making my Happy Mannequin Necklace Display so much, I thought I might turn an unwanted timber frame into a combination bracelet and earring display.

You see, I am a hand-made soap maker and I had this frame made from recycled fencing timber, which I used to put my Soap Signs in.

Well, I was no longer using it, so I removed the inside and just kept the frame bit. I replaced the centre with natural hession material (which I naturally had on hand).

I wrap some wire around the clasp and poke it through to the other side and give it a twist.

Alternatively I can use it to hang my earrings on.

Great multi purpose display and it folds up when not in use. Great huh! Hope you like it. 😉



Rustic jewelry display
by: Rena

Chris, I so love this rustic, vintage-looking display! With your fun, happy mannequins and this wonderfully rugged display, your booth will be unique and eye-catching.

Also very cool that you “recycled” an object from another of your craft interests for this project!

Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas with us.

Love this look!
by: Terri Wlaschin

very professional AND artsy looking. Love it!!

by: jewels50

that is the best one yet !!

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